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Our Team

How We Work

How We Work

At WNYFG, our business is less about investment management and more about working with our clients, who are like family to us, to help them through all phases of life.

Michael Aquino and Mark Narby each have more than 25 years of experience working with families to achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Our ideal client is over 50 years of age with a 401(k) Plan or other retirement account, such as a 403(b), or an IRA. If you are still working and have a retirement account at your employer, we can work with you and help you manage your retirement account.

We also work with clients who have non-retirement accounts. We use unique strategies, such as Tactical Asset Management and Personal Indexing, to maximize investment returns and minimize income taxes.

Finally, we work with Employers to provide cost efficient retirement plans and education for their Employee Participants.

Our team approach adds perspective to all we do and provides increased benefits to our clients.

Meet Our Team

Mark Narby

Managing Partner

(716) 743-6262

Mark Narby has worked with families for over 25 years to help create a reliable income for retirement and to preserve and grow wealth for his clients. Having worked with families for this long, Mark has seen his clients go through every phase of life. Although Mark works with families of all ages, the primary focus of his practice is families who are retired and who are looking to live a secure and calm life in retirement. Mark has a team of experts available, who can assist with tax issues, estate planning issues, social security, and pretty much any financial issue that arises.

Mark maintains his Series 65, along with his Life & Health Insurance Licenses. He is a lifelong resident of Buffalo, NY having graduated from Canisius High School in 1982; Fordham University in Bronx, NY with BA in 1986; and SUNY Buffalo School of Law with JD in 1989.

He resides in the city of Buffalo, Elmwood Village, with his wife of 30+ years, Lorraine. Their 3 sons have graduated from college and have begun their lives in Buffalo as well. Mark and Lorraine also have a home in Sarasota-Bradenton FL area, near the Gulf of Mexico. Mark is very active in sports, but especially hockey, golf, and physical fitness. He is active in various charities and other community activities, but especially as a member of the Buffalo Marathon Board of Directors.

Michael Aquino

Managing Partner

(716) 743-6262

Michael Aquino has worked closely with his clients for over 25 years, most notably in wealth management. This is the discipline that incorporates structuring and planning wealth to assist in preserving, protecting and growing wealth, while passing it onto to heirs in a tax-efficient manner and in accordance with their wishes. Wealth management brings together tax planning, wealth protection, estate planning, succession planning, and family governance. As a result, Michael and WNYFG have a team of experts available who can assist clients with tax issues, estate planning issues and pretty much any other financial issue that should arise.

Michael has attained the designations of AIF ® & CFP® which have helped advise clients in the discipline of wealth management. Michael graduated from Niagara University with a bachelor's degree in accounting and a minor in political science.

He and his wife of 24 years, Lisa, along with their 3 children have lived in Lewiston, NY for the past twenty years. The family enjoys supporting his alma mater Niagara University, and its hockey and basketball programs.